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Hi  Everyone,

It’s such a pleasure to take part in the Musings Blog Tour hosted by Forever Valentine to promote the superbly compiled ‘Musings An Argyle Anthology‘. Written by a group of friends who are also known as the Muses of Argyle Empire (the official fan site for Sylvain Reynard), this anthology consists of a nine short stories that cover various topics ranging from; comedy, romance, suspense, fantasy, drama and pose. It’s diversity ensures there is something for everyone. the forward was written by Sylvain Reynard

100% of proceeds are going to Covenant House to support homeless youth in crisis in loving memory of Terry Aisenstein (a fellow muse of Argyle Empire).

Musings – An Argyle Empire Anthology’ is written by seven accomplished authors:-

  • Kris Babe
  • Shari Ivey
  • Jennifer Locklear
  • Morgan Locklear
  • Tara Severance
  • Susan K Swords
  • Becca Vry

Today, we wanted to feature one story in particular from this fabulous anthology as part of the Musing Blog Tour. This little beauty, co-authored by two very talented writers, is very entertaining indeed and brought us many giggles. Today we present to you:-



Morgan Locklear & Susan K Swords



Before we take a closer look at ‘Stud’, lets get to know the authors a little more:-


Morgan Locklear’s Bio:

Morgan Locklear lives on the Oregon coast with his wife and fellow author,  Jennifer Locklear. Their debut novel, Exposure, was released three years ago and since then, they have been working on solo projects and contributing to anthologies, including Musings, which they published as a way to honor a lost friend, celebrate a literary giant, and introduce new voices.
Morgan is a father, a musician, a lover of frisbee golf, a TV junkie, and has acted in, or directed many stage productions in his home town of Newport.

Susan K. Words’ Bio:

Susan K. Swords has been writing for enjoyment since she learned how to form letters. She loved to make up her own stories when she was a child, and like all authors have had a passion for reading throughout her entire life. 

After graduating college, Susan worked as a newspaper reporter and editor before changing careers to public service as a government public information officer. She loves it and considers it her true calling, but since there isn’t as much creative writing during her work time, she returned to crafting her own imaginings. Susan was inspired to write fan fiction after falling in love with the Twilight books and movies, and – like many other fans – wanting more of the story. 

A lifelong resident of New Jersey, she appreciates any story that has a strong sense of place and the people who live there. Susan has a very supportive husband, Andrew, and a daughter, Lauren. She loves good food, good people, good writing, and a great pair of shoes. 

In addition to the short stories included in the Musings anthology, Susan is working on a full-length science fiction/fantasy novel with a young female protagonist. 


Okay, it’s time to take a closer look at this little dynamite of a read. So count your chips, pull up a seat next to Kenny and press play on The Gambler…



Kez’s Review


Readers  who know the Gabriel’s Inferno series, no doubt adore Professor Gabriel Emerson, his creator Sylvain Reynard (also known as SIR – the shy and mysterious ex neighbour to the Professor) and of course the very snarky of snark – the Snarky Narrator. You will find this story very entertaining and appreciate the banter between the four characters that are larger than life. ‘Stud’ is a wonderful homage to Sylvain Reynard and his lovable characters.

We get to experience them like never before. In a card game like no other. There is a lot at stake and a battle of ego’s commences. The price – it’s all or nothing. Of course, the winner takes it all and for the others – three scandalous outfits. For some, this shall be a race to lose – for he may see himself a winner (gaining the right to choose the best attire from a hideous bunch).

As one would expect from these larger than life characters, this card game goes down to the wire, it’s all or nothing. To find out who is awarded which scandalous outfit and who walks away the winner, make sure you check out this fabulous story.

Congratulations Morgan and Susan!  ‘Stud’ is a delightful read, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it leaves me with one burning question. When do we see a re-deal? There has to be a sequel. I can see the headlines already:- ‘Stud Rides Again’.


Pam’s Review

Do you play poker?  Not really Are you any good? Let’s say that I would not win strip poker.   What do you get when you have a very proper Professor of Dante, an interesting neighbour, a Snarky Narrator and their creator playing poker?  A lot of laughs.

This is a card game for the ages. The professor has out done himself in raising the stakes on this card game.  There is more than money on the line.  Each character is brought out into his hilarious and dubious selves.

Morgan and Susan took all these wonderful characters (including their creator) through an interesting card game inside Harbor 60.  I loved the subtle humour, the strategy that went into this game.  Can you imagine a card game like this?  The ego’s involved would be through the roof.  One goading the other for the best hand trying very hard to not show their tells.

I congratulate you both!  I do hope you’ll come up with a sequel at some point.



We loved this story so much that we wanted to catch up with Morgan and Susan and we’re very excited that in coming weeks they will be joining us on our podcast to discuss their brilliant story ‘Stud’ and ‘Musings An Argyle Empire Anthology‘ further, so please stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you haven’t caught up ‘Musing an Argyle Anthology’, make sure you order your copy today. With the forward written by Sylvain Reynard, it will be hard to miss…

Musings Amazon US

Musings Amazon UK

Musings Amazon AU


Remember, all proceeds from this novel benefit the Philadelphia chapter of Covenant House, in loving memory of Terry Aisenstein also known as Terry the Nurse in our reading community. If you’d like to know more about the great work of Covenant House, check out their website.

Covenant House


We hope you have enjoyed our peek through the deck as we reviewed this fabulous little story.

Make sure you join us this Saturday 10AM  as we continue The Roman from the Florentine Series

Florentine Series Fan-based Podcast

See you then…

Same Florentine time, same Florentine Chanel!


Pam and Kez


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