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Susie Steinle

You are our listener of the month for September 2016


Yesterday we were joined by the charming Ms Susie Steinle from the beautiful city of Adelaide in South Australia. As our featured listener for the month we had the opportunity to get to know Susie a little more, how she found Sylvain Reynard’s stories and why he is her favourite author. There was a sigh or two over the sexy Professor Emerson and Susie shared with us how Sylvain Reynard’s stories were introduced to her mum.

We asked Susie; if given the opportunity to take control of Sylvain Reynard’s masterful pen for the day, what kind of ending would she create for The Florentine Series? Why not tune in and take a listen to her answer:


Below is a copy of the questions and answers we covered with Susie….


  1. Tell us a little more about Susie, where are you from? What type of novels you like to read? Other interests you may have? Or anything else you’d like to share with us?


I’m from Adelaide in South Australia. I love reading romance books mainly, but I also enjoy a good thriller.  I work full-time as a legal secretary in a large commercial law firm and being quite a stressful job, reading has become my escape.  I enjoy listening to music, both classical and popular and I love watching movies.  I also love to travel and my husband and I are currently planning a holiday to the UK, Italy and France in May next year.


  1. How did you find Sylvain Reynard’s stories and what is it about SR’s writing that you love most?


I found Sylvain Reynard’s stories after reading the Fifty Shades of Grey books.  We were living in the Victorian high country at the time.  It was about 3 years ago when I started following EL James and a couple of other Fifty Shades accounts on Twitter. One day I saw a tweet from Erika saying something like “The Professor has just walked in”.  I can’t recall her exact words now.  So I read a few comments from some very excited women and thought, “Hmm, I wonder who this Professor is that these ladies are all drooling over”.  So I hit the Google search button, found Gabriel’s Inferno, read the synopsis and thought it might be a really good read, so I bought the iBook.  I was actually reading another book at the time so I didn’t get to start Gabriel’s Inferno straight away.  In fact, I’m ashamed to say it sat in my iBooks library for quite a while without being read.  But this was because our lives were suddenly turned upside down; my husband was out of work and we had to make the decision to sell our house and move back to Adelaide.  I lost interest in reading as I had too many other things to deal with, including starting a new job.  Only when things had settled back down, did I feel the urge to pick up a book and start reading again, so I read Gabriel’s Inferno.  I was hooked from the first chapter. It was so hard to put this book down.  SR’s writing draws you right into the story, as if you are a part of it. I could feel every emotion the characters were feeling. I had never read anything so flawlessly written. There were so many times when his words just took my breath away. I fell in love with SR’s writing from that moment.


  1. The Novella ‘The Prince’ sees Professor Gabriel Emerson cross paths with the mysteriously dark Prince of Florence, William York. What are the main characteristics between these two male characters that stand out for you, whether they’re similar or otherwise?


I see Gabriel and William as being quite similar. They are both very complex, dark and intense characters.  I see them as a little stubborn but with Julia and Raven, they show their tender, loving side and you can’t help but fall in love with them.  They are also both very sensual men who know how to please a woman.


  1. In The Raven it is evident that given the chance, Julia Emerson and Raven Wood while very different in their personalities, could easily develop a friendship. What characteristics about each of these two leading ladies do you admire most?


Raven is sweet, kind and has a beautiful heart.  She would do anything to help a friend, as is evidenced in The Raven when she offers herself up to William for sex in exchange for his helping save the lives of her friends who are dying.  Julia is equally endearing, compassionate and innocent.  Most of all, I admire these two heroines for their independence, courage and strength in having survived abuse and neglect in their youth.


  1. In The Shadow we learn that William York is in fact 700 years old. During this time we know he has known some of the most influential people during the Renaissance period from several members of the Medici family, Sandro Botticelli, Simonetta Vespucci, Dante Alighieri, Beatrice Portinari, Niccolo Machiavelli, etc. If you had the opportunity to learn more about this individual through William how would it be and why?


I guess I would first do a little research and reading about these individuals and then I would like to sit down with William in his magnificent library and ask him to tell me all about these fascinating people.  I have no doubt William would have some rather interesting stories to share about his association with these individuals.


  1. With William as your guide, where in Florence would you want to visit and why?


I would love William to take me to the Palazzo Medici Riccardi to see its art museum and chapel, the Uffizi Gallery of course, the Galleria dell’Accademia to see the statue of David and I would love him to fly me up to the top of Brunelleschi’s Dome to take in the wonderful view of Florence.  That would be really super.


  1. Many readers have described The Shadow as the best novel in the series so far, what is it in this particular book of the series that stands out for you?


The Shadow for me was a revelation of a number of things.  We learnt a lot more about William and his past, how old he is, when he was turned and who his maker was.  We also learned who the traitors were in the Consilium. There was suspense and shock and a cliffhanger ending to this brilliant book.  I’m beyond excited for the final book in the series.  The Roman is going to be phenomenal!


  1. The final book to The Florentine series will be released in December this year. If you in control of SR’s masterful pen for the day, what kind of ending would you create for this epic story?


If I were to create an ending to this wonderful series I would see the Roman using some special powers to change William back into a human.  I don’t believe William is a complete vampyre, as I don’t think vampyres would normally have the kind of feelings that William is experiencing with Raven.  William and Raven would  be blessed with a child (or two) and live a happy normal human life in Florence.  And as for Aoibhe, she and Ibarra would live together as a happy vampyre couple.  I also like the idea that Aoibhe and Ibarra could rule the principality together.


  1. If you were to describe SR’s stories to new readers in one line each; what would you say firstly about Gabriel’s Inferno, and secondly The Florentine series?


To new readers, I would describe the Gabriel’s Inferno series as a beautifully written story of love, sex and redemption about a sexy university professor with hidden dark secrets, and a beautiful young graduate student with whom he had an encounter some years earlier, but does not remember her at first when she takes his class.

The Florentine Series is set in the underworld of Florence and is another beautifully written love story between a dark and mysterious vampyre Prince and a young Renaissance art restorer who he witnesses being brutally attacked one night and saves her life.


  1. SR’s twitter community is made up of a large group of wonderfully warm people. What has been the most rewarding thing for you since join this online community?


The most rewarding thing for me has been meeting and making friends with so many readers from all around the world who share a mutual love of SR’s writing.  Although we haven’t met in person, I feel like I have known each and every one for a long time.  Everyone is so friendly, caring and supportive.  My wish is that one day there will be an opportunity for us to all meet in person…maybe this could be at the premiere of the Gabriel’s Inferno movie!  The SR community is amazing and I am really honoured to be a part of it.


  1. If you knew SR was listening to our podcast what would you want to say to him?


If SR was listening to this podcast right now, I would say to him: SR, you are the only author that has had me totally mesmerised when reading a book. Your writing is flawless. I had not re-read a book until yours and each time I do, I love it even more.  You are such a gentle, kind-hearted person who gives up so much of your valuable time to listen and chat with your readers on social media. You are truly one of a kind. You are an inspiration to so many readers around the world who have come to adore you. Thank you so much for creating such interesting and loveable characters and for writing such wonderful books. Please don’t ever stop writing for us.


  1. If you could spend one day with SR what would you do and where would you go?


If I could spend one day with SR, it would be in the City of Toronto.  I would love to take in the city sights, including a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum (and maybe even the Shoe Museum, as that could be interesting).  Of course we’d need to stop for a Tim Hortons coffee and doughnut along the way.  At the end of the day it would be nice to share a bottle of good wine and chat with SR about his writing, how he comes up with ideas for characters, plots etc. I would then love to listen to SR read some of his favourite passages from his books.  That would top off a really great day with my favourite author.


Word Association

Gabriel – Sensual

Argyle – SR

Chocolate cake – Heaven

Dante – Beatrice

Julianne – Angel

Uffizi – Birth of Venus

Botticelli – Renaissance

Florence – Ponte Vecchio

William – Tender

Raven – Cassita

Handkerchief – Gentleman

The triumph – Fast ride

Aoibhe – Feisty

Relic – Protection

The Roman – Mysterious

Thank you for joining us Susie, it was delightful to chat with you.  We loved your answers and the opportunity to get to know you a little better. It’s wonderful you are sharing these stories with your mum.

As Rove McManus (an Australian comedian/TV presenter) always used to say to close his show….

“Say hi to your mum for me/us (sic)…”

If you’d like to be our next listener of the month, make sure you join us each Saturday at 10AM NYT for our weekly broadcast.

As Pam always says….

“Same Florentine time, same Florentine Channel!”

Until next time

Dana, Pam and Kez

4 thoughts on “Listener of the Month Ms September 2016

  1. What a fabulous, fabulous “interview” with Susie, many of her replies would have been exactly what I was thinking or would say – I think Susie and I have alot in common. SR is truly an amazing author and a wonderful human being, but I think he is also a lucky man to have such a wonderful Fanbase around the world, and I know he truly appreciates it. You ladies that run all the various podcasts are amazing too. I try and listen in whenever I can, but the time difference does sometimes make it abit difficult. Fantastic Job all – and fantastic replies Susie – truly. Lots of Love to all from Franca – (AKA) SRFansSouth Africa


    1. Hi Franca, thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, we appreciate your thoughts immensely. Susie made for an excellent interviewee didn’t she. 🙂 We understand that you can’t always join us however we really do appreciate your support. Much love Kez


  2. Thank you so much Franca and Kez for your very kind words! I was really honoured to be asked to be listener of the month. I’m so glad you liked my answers. What a wonderful community SR has created! I consider myself extremely lucky to be a part of it. My life has changed considerably since I discovered SR’s books and met so many beautiful people from all around the world. I agree Franca, SR truly is a wonderful human being.
    Much love to all, Susie (aka Ms September).😘

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