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Congratulations Betty Rivera


Betty from the Gabriel Series Fanpodcast

You are our listener of the month for August 2016

What a delight it was to have Betty join our podcast on Saturday August 13 2016. We had so much fun discussing characters from both Sylvain Reynard’s series; from William York, Raven Wood to Professor Emerson, his beloved Julia, their family and the twinkle in Betty’s eye…Paul Norris.

We covered everything from SR’s amazing writing skills to chocolate cake, handkerchiefs and day spent with Snarky. Betty was entertaining and a lot of fun, why not take a listen.

You can tune in and listen to the podcast here:

Below is a copy of the questions and answers we covered with Betty….

Many of us know you as Betty from the fabulous Gabriel Series Podcast, but tell us a little more about Betty, where are you from?

I’m from New York.

What type of novels you like to read?

I love reading romance novels.

Other interests you may have? Or anything else you’d like to share with us?

I love music, Superman, Lois Lane, Smallville and making playlist for the books I read.

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How did you find Sylvain Reynard’s stories and what is it about SR’s writing that you love most?

I found Sylvain Reynard’s stories aka the Boss through Perling. We were chatting one night after we tuned to the Fifty Shades of Grey Fan Podcast hosted by Crissy. She started talking about the Gabriel Series and the Professor. She insisted that I needed to read it and tell her what I though. I told her I would give it a try. She was my cheerleader during the first chapters. I wasn’t a fan of the Professor. The Boss has a unique way of writing. He can transport the reader to the different locations mentioned in the novels. He takes over your 5 senses and you experience everything that’s happening to the characters. The best way I can describe the experience is like been hypnotized and dreaming with your eyes open or like watching a movie. You give him all the power and he guides you through out the novel. And by the time you finish reading you are back to reality. Everything you experience is still fresh in your mind and you forget that it was written a book because everything felt so real. I love that. It’s a wonderful experience.

It is no secret to those who know you Betty, that you have a HUGE crush on Paul Norris from the Gabriel Inferno series. What is it about Paul that has you in a spin?

Paul is the love of my life. He won me over in Ch 1 of Gabriel’s Inferno with his kindness. He was sweet and gentle with Julia when she was the new girl at the university. And through out the novel I saw glimpses of him that I found fascinating. He speaks Spanish, likes trying out food from different countries, loves Superman comics and above all he is a gentleman. He defends women and their honor and doesn’t care that his career is at risk. A man who respects women like that deserves a standing ovation. I also love that he’s old fashioned. He didn’t pressure Julia after she kissed him and then took it back. He acknowledges that she is confused and he gives her time to figure things out. Another reason I adore Paul is because he guides Julia and the reader through Gabriel’s Inferno like Virgil guided Dante. He explained the different relationships Gabriel had with the staff and students at the University of Toronto. And even though Paul is not fond of the Professor he still treats him with respect. And last but not least, I love that he’s shy. He melts my heart when he touches Julia’s shoulder timidly, or when he kisses her softly or whenever he gives her a big hug. He truly is a gentle giant. He doesn’t pretend to be a bad boy or a sexy lover in order to impress women. He noticed Julia’s broken soul and through his friendship and kindness he helped her heal. With Paul you know what your getting. And I find that refreshing. Plus he reminds me of Clark Kent. Gotta love a farm boy/nerd.

Although Paul Norris would love to win the heart of Julia over in The Gabriel’s Inferno’s series, we know that Julia’s heart belongs to Professor Emerson, what is it about Gabriel you think has won her over?

In my opinion Julia fell in love with Gabriel’s broken soul. From the moment they met Gabriel was a tortured man who was trying to find a way out of the darkness. I think she was moved by that. She came from a broken home and could relate to his pain and solitude. And before Julia spoke to Gabriel she had a big crush on him. The fact that she had heard so many great stories of him through his family made her feelings grow deeper. He was too good to be true. And that one night they spend in the orchard he made her feel special. Here was this twenty-seven year old man asking a seventeen year old girl if she would spend some time with him and even walk with him. It was as if he was worshiping her existence. And then he compared her to an angel which was something new to her. That showed her that not only did he think she was special and beautiful but she was holy too. After that night it was going to be impossible for any man to compete with the first impression Gabriel made on Julia.

The Prince of Florence from SR’s second series is a mysterious and edgy vampyre whom many readers adore. It could be argued that he is just as popular as the infamous Dante Specialist, Professor Emerson. What is it do think about William that has won people over?

What’s not to love of William? He’s protective, caring, romantic and kinky. But above all things he appreciates inner beauty. Even though Willie tells Raven he isn’t human, he has proven time and time again that he has a human heart. He genuinely cares for Raven’s well being. And he cares for human beings as well. He does his best to protect them. That’s why he created so many rules and demands that his citizens follow them. Another thing that makes William so appealing to readers is his appreciation for Raven’s body. His concept of beauty left me speechless. In today’s society we are told thin is beautiful. But as William pointed out to Raven, voluptuous women were considered beautiful for many years. Their bodies were embraced and celebrated through countless pieces of art. William’s gentle explanation to Raven was priceless. He made her feel beautiful and graceful. It’s hard to resist a man who sees beauty in every flaw you point out. William is very spiritual as well. I love that he puts more value into family and love instead of caring more for materialistic things. Raven’s love has transformed him. I love that he is growing and letting Raven in his heart and sharing his secrets.

Raven Wood and William York are a very popular couple in contemporary romance, what do you think it is about this couple that is so appealing to people?

Raven and William are a unique couple. They both had a big fear of love and had given up hope. When William lost two people he loved dearly he lost hope. And when Raven lost her father she lost her innocence and the love of her mother. Soon after that she witness a cruel act and was abandoned by her mother which is the ultimate betrayal. We can all relate to the loss of someone we love. The emptiness that’s left behind because we’ve experienced it too. And with Raven we feel helpless because there’s no way we can protect her. We can’t stop all the terrible things that happen to her both in her youth and that fateful night she met William. So the moment William walks into her life we feel relieved because we know that finally someone will stand up for her and protect her. To me that makes all the difference. We want them to experience good things in life because they’ve suffered so much. And we are delighted to see how Raven and William start healing each other’s emotional wounds. They treat each other as equals. They listen to each other’s problems and try their best to be supportive of one another. We witness their growth and can’t help but feel proud of them. Another thing I think is so appealing to readers is William and Raven’s chemistry. Sparks fly whenever they are together. Raven speaks her mind and treats him as a regular man. Which is funny because he is anything but regular. And even though William gets frustrated with Raven’s stubborn attitude in the beginning of The Raven he finds himself fascinated by her inner strength. It’s fun to see him trying to seduce her and failing. Lastly, the fact that Raven and William accept each other for who they are and don’t want to change one another shows us how much they love each other. They embrace each other’s differences which is difficult at times. I’m sure that’s one of many reasons why readers love Raven and William so much.

If you were to go on a date with the Prince of Florence where would you go and what would you do?

If I were to go on a date with William I would love to go to a ball with him. William isn’t too familiar with contemporary music so I think he might feel a bit more at ease dancing to a waltz. And I can’t imagine anything more fun than wearing a big fancy dress and dancing all night long with William.

And we have to ask, if you were to go on a date with Paul where, what it entail?

I would love to go to a fair with Paul. We could walk, talk, eat a burger and play all the games they have at the fair. I’m sure there will be a band playing music so I’m looking forwards to dancing with Paul as well. And at the end of the night I would love to watch Superman the Movie with him.

SR’s twitter community is made up of a large group of wonderfully warm people. What has been the most rewarding thing for you since join this online community?

I love chatting with everyone in Twitter. I’m fascinated by their stories of how SR’s novels changed their life’s. And the Twitter community is very kind and caring. Everyone is always happy and optimistic. I’m always amazed by how supportive they are of one another. And I’m inspired by their compassion. To me SR’s community has become part of my family.

What do think it is about SR’s writing that is so appealing to readers?

First the Boss is a genius. He is super smart and it comes through in his writing. Second he treats his readers with respect. And he teaches everyone something new. Whether it’s through art history, literature, or music. He opens our eyes to new horizons. We end up a little smarter with each book we read. I love that. And lastly, I feel like the boss’s books give us hope. We witness the characters evolution through love. And we evolve as well. We see the world with compassion and want to help others as well. So in a way his books teach us life lessons. To me that’s fascinating.

If you had one day with Snarky, what were would you go and what would you do?

If I would spend a day with Snarky I would love to have lunch with him. Walk with him in Central Park and talk. Feed the ducks while we are at it. And later I would love to go to a club with Snarky. I’m sure he has a few dance moves he could teach me.

Word Association

Gabriel – Bossy

Argyle – Socks

Chocolate cake – Yummy

Dante – Adorable

Julianne – Graceful

Paul – Home

Superman – Angel

Uffizi – Beautiful

Florence – Magical

William – Mysterious

Raven – Witty

Handkerchief – Rooftop sex

Aoibhe – Ambitious

Relic – Sacred

The Roman – The Pope

Message of thanks from Sylvain Reynard aka The Boss…

My warmest congratulations to Betty. Thank you and Perling also for your hard work on the Gabriel series podcast.

Thank you for joining us Betty, we thoroughly enjoyed your company and your wonderfully insightful answers.

We look forward to next time.

As Pam always says….

Same Florentine time, same Florentine Channel!

Dana, Pam and Kez



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