Happy Birthday Argyle Empire

Recently, SR’s Florentine Series Podcast hosted a special broadcast dedicated to Argyle Empire (the official SR’s fan site), who were celebrating their 3rd Birthday. We incorporated the celebrations with the release of the next installment to The Florentine Series, ‘The Shadow’ and what a great success it was.

The one hour broadcast soon expanded to two, with much storytelling, a sombrero or two and a trunk monkey!!

We were very fortunate to be joined by Miss Cran and Mango with Iris participating in the chat room. Unfortunately Miss Cuppy wasn’t able to join us but we hope to catch her next time.

Yes…there will be a next time. We had so much fun with these talented ladies and look forward to their return.

If you missed our special podcast, you can tune in here….



The second part, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did….



A big thank you to the ladies of Argyle Empire. It was such a privilege to have you as our guests, we enjoyed your company immensely and we look forward with much excitement to you joining us once again.


Dana, Pam and Kez














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