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The story of the Prince of Florence (William York) and Raven Wood continues in this recently released, phenomenal, 3rd installment of The Florentine Series.

We enjoyed reading ‘The Shadow‘ immensely and we look forward to discussing this novel with you in up coming podcast’s starting in March.

In the meantime, why not read through Pam’s outstanding review. You’ll be wanting to go back a revisit this incredible series time and time again…..

Congratulations are in order for Sylvain Reynard’s latest addition to The Florentine Series, The Shadow. What a beautiful continuation of their story.

In full disclosure, I must admit I have never read Paranormal Romance, short of Dracula, book and movies, and Dark Shadows as a young girl. Vampires were just not in my realm. Sorry Stephanie Meyers and Anne Rice no disrespect intended. When I first picked up the Prince I was intrigued.

“A lone figure lurked in he shadows outside the Prince’s villa, which overlooked the city of Florence. From the villa’s window, one could enjoy an incredible view of the skyline-even at night.” The Prince by Sylvain Reynard.

A robbery has taken place at the Prince’s villa. His priceless illustrations of Dante and Beatrice have been stolen the year is 1870. We forward to 2011 Professor Gabriel O. Emerson, an eminent Dante Specialist from Boston University, and his wife, Julianne Mitchell Emerson, a Doctoral Student in Dante Studies at Harvard, now own the illustrations and have loaned them to Uffizi in Florence Italy. The Prince had decided to go to the opening. He wants his justice from the thieves but is sidetracked by matters of state and a war.

“Alone figure stood high atop Brunelleschi’s dome, under the shade of the gold globe and cross. His black clothing faded into the encroaching darkness, rendering him invisible to the people below.” The Raven by Sylvain Reynard.

Florence is his and has been for many hundreds of years. He will now be able to extract his revenge. He has his illustrations back. A young woman walking home from a dinner party late at night comes upon a homeless man being cruelly treated by a group of drunken men. As she tries to save him they descend on her. The Prince smells an aroma of the sweetest vintage. He races the roof tops of Florence to get there. He is familiar with the aroma. He is aware others of his kind are not far behind him. His hunger changes from substance to a stronger one, anger. She is in trouble though and comes to her rescue. Cassita Vulneratus. They find each other and do the dance of learning about each other.

“William wasn’t running. For some time, he had been waiting in the shadows near one of the lesser gates of the walled city of York, his horse tethered nearby. His beloved Alicia had not appeared. The bells for the Compline had long since rung and so, impatient and irritated, he left their secret place and led his horse in the direction of her father’s house.” The Shadow by Sylvain Reynard.

The Shadow is a continuation to the Raven. Theirs is a unique love affair, one human one not. Both with a disability that affect the way they look at each other. Hers physical and emotional; his being turned to a vampire and a loss of his humanity. William and Raven have given and accepted love for each other. They must fight for their love and his Principality.

Sylvain Reynard’s writing looks at all different aspects of human psyche. Love, redemption, forgiveness, acceptance, justice and mercy. Of course we have the heart a beautiful city, which sometimes can be dark and forbidding, the underworld. But we also have the beauty of the architecture, the art work of the renaissance. I enjoy the way he takes literary license to use some to the notable characters of the renaissance, Medici and Machiavelli.

The cast of characters are interesting Aoibhe, Max among the vampires, Professor Emerson makes an appearance. There are characters that are introduced and some that return unexpectedly.  The Shadow has intrigue, romance and mystery, and excellent addition to the Florentine Series.


Thanks Pam for your amazing review, you’ve got me reaching for my copy of ‘The Shadow‘ as I type.

It’s now your turn….

Please send us a copy of your own reviews, we’d love to include them in our podcast’s.

Happy Reading everyone and as Pam always says….


“Catch you same Florentine time, same Florentine Chanel”


Dana, Pam and Kez








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